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Our next dancing session is on the 26th March. Jean and Susan will be our callers and their dances are given below.


The Kelloholm Jig

J8 x 32    3C/4C 
J. B. Milne

R8 x 32   3C/4C

Kinfauns Castle

S5 x 32   5C

The Rock and Wee Pickle Tow

J8 x 32    2C/4C 

The De'il Amang the Tailors R8 x 32    3C/4C  

S4 x 32   4C 

Farewell to Balfour Road

J1 x 96    5C 


S8 x 32   3C/4C 

The Spring Fling Reel

R8 x 40   3C/4C

The Swan and the Tay

S3 x 32   3C

Follow Me Home

J8 x 32    3C/4C

*  means please view on U-tube if possible

Click on the pdf file below to view the dance cribs 

Dance Cribs pdf file